Look Out for this Two-Step Cyberattack!

Vishing or “voice phishing” is when a cybercriminal tries to convince you to give sensitive information over the phone. Typical vishing involves only a phone call. But scammers are now combining emails and phone calls to better trick their targets.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: The Setup
You receive an email claiming that you’ve purchased an item or authorized a payment. You’re encouraged to call a phone number if you did not initiate the transaction.

Step 2: The Takedown
You call the provided number and a helpful agent agrees to provide a refund or cancel the transaction. They just need your credit card information or banking details.
After you supply the information, your bank account is emptied or your credit card is used for fraudulent purchases.

What Can You Do?

Look for these red flags. If you see any, it’s probably a scam!

Watch for these red flags and always question any emails or calls that you receive from someone you don’t know. When in doubt, send it to your IT for review.