Whether traveling or working remotely, it is essential to take the security awareness tools we have shared with you. Here’s a rundown of things to keep in mind.

Inventory Check
It’s always good to keep a mental checklist of the items in your possession, especially devices. No one wants to leave their laptop behind, so do a quick inventory check when navigating public transportation. Make sure you have everything when checking out of accommodations.

Secure Storage
To alleviate the concerns of device theft, store them safely so they can’t be easily accessed by others. For example, if you need to leave your laptop in a vehicle, store it in the trunk where it can’t be seen by passersby. Ensure every device has a strong password or PIN.

Shoulder Surfers
It’s always best to avoid accessing sensitive or confidential information when in a public setting. If you must, choose a location where no one can look over your shoulder and view your screen, or use a screen protector. Use discretion when having work-related meetings in public areas.

USB Drives & Cables
USB flash drives and cables offer an easy way for cybercriminals to spread malware. Only use the USB devices that belong to you, and avoid public charging stations. If you find a random USB device at work, report it immediately.