When we hear the word ransom, we think of old-time criminals kidnapping a person so that they can collect a hefty sum of money in return for returning the person unharmed.  In today’s virtual world, scammers don’t have time to do one little scam at a time.  They’ve turned to the internet to multiply their nasty little scams, using it as a highway for their getaway in this billion-dollar “business”.

Ransomware is a form of malicious software that infects a person’s computer, encrypting files so that the victim can’t use their system.  Once infected, the only way to be able to access the encrypted or locked files is to use a backup or pay the ransom.  Scammers have gotten so sophisticated that they have started to encrypt backups and change their mode of operation often in order to stay ahead of security firms. Ransomware is the number one security risk to businesses and users in 2020.

What can you do to protect yourself from ransomware?  Stay on top of the latest trends so that you are aware of the ransomware “strains” that are going around.  Businesses should provide their employees with regular security awareness training.  Teach yourself and your employees to know before you click.  Know what you are clicking on and where it will take you.  That one extra step of verifying a link can save you thousands of dollars and hours of headaches.

Eder Casella Technology assesses vulnerabilities and minimizes damages by recommending safer alternatives for client’s systems. We monitor our managed service clients 24/7/365 to insure someone is “watching the store” while you are away.

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