By: Eric Vicencio

You have likely come across predictive text either on your mobile device or through a Google program. Now text predictions are coming to Microsoft Word. In a report by Tech Radar, the “Word for Windows: Text Predictions” was included in the Microsoft 365 roadmap with a projected March 2021 release. Microsoft Outlook web users have already begun to see text predictions rolling out across their devices.

This new feature will allow users to start typing in any Word document and see grayed-out predictions of what text should be used next. Users will simply hit the tab key to accept the text predictions or escape to decline the text. As you continue to write more, Word will learn your writing style and adapt its predictions. Microsoft has assured users that “The content is stored or seen by humans unless donated the text as part of the feedback mechanism.” Microsoft goes on to say, “Text predictions use a machine learning model to make suggestions based on the text you have typed in the current document or email.”

This new feature aims to help users reduce spelling and grammatical errors while also decreasing the amount of time spent writing.  Not a fan of predictive text? No problem. Microsoft will allow you to turn off the feature easily.