Providing proactive, preventative and responsive services to make your system reliable and safe.

Database Administration

Do you have a database and need some help with maintenance, reports or upgrades? ECT has knowledgeable staff who can focus on the physical and technical aspects of your database to keep it running optimally!

Managed Data Backups

If you’ve ever come in to find a hard drive that has crashed overnight, you know that having regularly scheduled backups are an essential part of data integrity and disaster recovery. ECT designs and implements backup solutions that meets the requirements and budget needs for any size business. Using the latest technologies available for onsite and offsite backup, ECT can provide a backup solution that will give you the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Data Recovery

ECT can help to recover lost data due to human errors, power outages, hardware failures and software malfunctions. Let our technology specialists assess the situation before moving forward and possibly losing your important data.

Computer, Network, Server & Firewall Support

ECT has a variety of options to support the equipment that is vital to your business. We can repair/refurbish almost all makes and models of your electronic equipment to help keep your cost low and your business running.

Desktop & Server Virtualization

Desktop virtualization and server virtualization both enhance security, save costs, and are centrally controlled. Desktop virtualization separates the software from the physical thin client device. This enables users to access applications and data over different devices and remotely, if they cannot make it into the office. Desktop virtualization will give employees flexibility within their work day. With all of the software and applications not solely stored on a single device, disaster recovery is another major benefit of desktop virtualization.

Server virtualization divides a physical server into separate, smaller virtual servers. This helps maximize a company’s resources.  Day to day production will run smoother by virtually storing a server, up-time will be increased, and it will be easier to recover from sudden server outages.

ECT is here to help you with the process of virtualizing your equipment. If you are looking for a cloud hosted server or just want to virtualize your current servers into a single host, we are here to help! We have the tools and expertise to ensure a smooth transition.

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