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Managed Antivirus

If you are using an unmanaged antivirus, how are you getting alerted if there is a potential threat on a workstation or server? ECT recommends using a managed antivirus so that when you have a threat it is addressed before it becomes a larger problem that causes you unexpected downtime. ECT staff proactively monitors their managed antivirus clients to ensure that workstations are virus/malware free.

Social Engineering

A new trend among criminals is pretending to be someone/something to gain access to key information or systems. ECT has staff that will impersonate their way into your office by phone or in person to see what your staff will allow them to access, which will test your process controls in a safe and controlled way.

Phishing Training

Has your company been the target of a phishing scam? In 2019 the average cost of a phishing attack on a mid-sized company was $1.6 Million. Over 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year. Most businesses realize it is not if they get hit with an attack, but when. ECT provides onsite training for employees so that they can be more vigilant in helping to protect your business.

Phishing Testing

ECT offers simulated phishing testing which sends an email that looks similar to what a malicious phishing email would look like. Using our customized templates, we can see where your vulnerabilities lie in order to be able to train employees on what to look for. Phishing Testing is a simple and affordable way to help avoid costly mistakes by unsuspecting employees.

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