Does your social media affect the organization’s security?

Sharing text or images of your team can make life easier for attackers. Never photograph the organization environment, especially if sensitive information is shared on walls, whiteboards, or even computer screens.

Privacy is still very important

When you set up your profile on any social media or online service, you need to pay attention to the way you share your data. If your profile is public, and you are a frequent publisher, it is possible for attackers to track you down and create targeted attacks.

Be careful with the news you share

A lot of disinformation has been shared, and occasionally, it reaches you. Fake news is hosted on websites that are not committed to the security of your data, and when you share it, you are putting not only your information and devices at risk but also the information and devices of everyone to whom you sent the fake news.

Did you click on any suspicious links?

Many people use the same device, such as a smartphone or tablet, for both personal and work matters. If you accidentally clicked on a suspicious link on social media that led to a strange page, talk to the security team immediately. A small slip could put all your information, and all of our organization’s information, at risk.