The early Black Friday deals have started. Your inbox and phone will be flooded with a lot of great deals. But how do you know if the sale is real or too good to be true? Whether you are buying or selling items online this holiday season or traveling out of town, keep the following tips in mind.

Online Threat Prevention

  • Keep an eye out for fake coupons, unbelievable promotional deals, or even fake shipping notices.
  • Cybercriminals will repeatedly spam you with notifications this season, don’t let your guard down. Never assume notifications are safe.
  • Only purchase and use gift cards with the authorized retailer.

Travel Threat Protection

  • Use verified, secure Wi-Fi connections and avoid connecting to free public Wi-Fi.
  • Never leave your devices unattended and always secure them with strong passwords.
  • Research the legitimacy of booking sites before making travel arrangements.

Cybercriminals will always try to trick you. Remember to stop, look, and think before taking any action. Let’s have cyber-safe holidays. Don’t let cybercriminals ruin your holiday fun!