Businesses and companies have continued re-opening their offices and welcoming back their staff who have been working from home. Welcome back! There is something so special about having employees back together under one roof to reconnect and boost morale. Now that you are back in the office let’s re-establish ourselves as strong human firewalls with this quick security refresher.

Organizational Policies

Organizational policies must always be followed. IT Departments design these policies to prevent security incidents and ensure the privacy of their employees, clients, and business associates. Circumventing policy undermines those efforts and puts the entire organization at risk.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks continue to rise. Scammers revel in the opportunity to take advantage of unprecedented situations, especially those that breed vulnerability and uncertainty, such as a pandemic. Attacking human emotions has always been a go-to strategy in the scammer’s playbook. Stay alert for phishing emails. Never click on random links or download random attachments. Hover your mouse pointer over links to reveal the full URL. If something seems off, if a message contains awkward phrasing, poor grammar, unrealistic promises, or urgent language, don’t click!

Physical Security

Remember that physical security is just as important as cybersecurity. When you’re in public, keep an eye on your devices, and use discretion when accessing or discussing sensitive information. In the office, make sure no one slips in behind you when you enter a secured area, lock your workstation when not in use, keep a clean desk, and shred sensitive documents before discarding them.

Report Incidents

Report all security incidents immediately. Timely reporting empowers your organization to investigate and remediate security incidents and helps prevent similar events from recurring in the future. The longer you wait to report something, the more damage it could cause.

Common Sense

Use common sense. If you find a USB flash drive, don’t plug it in. If you have access to confidential data, keep it private, and never share it on public forums. Avoid leaving unattended devices in plain sight, such as in a vehicle. And never reveal your passwords to anyone for any reason.

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