Data breaches are on the rise and one of the most serious issues businesses are facing. Determining whether you’ve had a breach can be an extremely difficult task. The fact that 62% of small and medium sized businesses have been hacked makes it clear that it’s something everyone needs to be on the lookout for.

Hackers have become highly skilled at duping even the best of security systems. They go to great lengths to cover their tracks and minimize detection, often moving slowly and waiting for the right time to move forward. It’s important to know some of the red flags that can indicate you’ve been hacked or had a breach. Here are six warning signs to be aware of:

  1. Your computer is behaving strangely
  2. You are having login issues
  3. You get a fake antivirus message
  4. Your mouse moves between programs without you touching it
  5. You find new software installed
  6. You are getting numerous, random pop-ups

If you notice any of these warning signs it’s always best to alert your IT team immediately. Having antivirus software and a team monitoring your system helps to minimize and mitigate these types of issues.